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Enjoy a Private Experience when Selling Your Estate or Antique Jewelry In Chicago

Would you like to discreetly sell your antique jewelry pieces? Do you want to find out the value of estate jewelry that’s been left to you by a loved one? Are you a professional in charge of unloading a large quantity of jewelry for cash? At TN Donnelly & Co. in Chicago, we offer our clients a completely private and professional jewelry selling experience. We work with a variety of clients including banks, attorneys, jewelry stores, and private buyers and sellers. We take pride in our jewelry services and promise you can’t find a better place to buy or sell vintage jewelry than with TN Donnelly & Co.

Privacy When Selling Jewelry In Chicago

We understand the importance of being discreet when it comes to buying and selling jewelry. We offer private rooms for transactions and will never share the details of any transaction with anyone. Whether you just want to have all of your antique jewelry appraised or desire to sell some of the more valuable pieces for cash, your transaction will be completed with the utmost privacy and protection for your personal details.

Never Feel Intimidated to Sell Your Jewelry

At TN Donnelly & Co. we not only pride ourselves on our vision for privacy, but we also pride ourselves on our friendliness and customer service. When you visit our store to sell estate jewelry, we will never pressure you to make a decision. We will gladly appraise your vintage jewelry pieces and give you plenty of time to decide if you’d like to sell or hold onto it. We offer same day cash for sales, so any time you do decide to sell your jewelry, we’ll be available to help with your transaction.