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Get the Best Value for Your Diamonds and Estate Jewelry In Chicago

When it’s time to sell your estate jewelry, you need a jewelry buyer that not only understands the jewelry industry but has the knowledge and experience on different jewelry pieces. What sets TN Donnelly & Co. apart from other jewelry buyers in Chicago is our extensive knowledge about jewelry and estate pieces. We specialize in finding unique jewelry pieces and locating buyers who provide us with a list of what they want. That means, when you walk into our store, we know right away if what you have is valuable and in demand with other jewelry buyers.

Chicago Loose Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry

We are premier jewelry buyer of diamond jewelry in Chicago and promise that if you sell diamonds to one of our buyers, you will get the value of your diamond jewelry. We specialize in appraising and purchasing diamonds and other fine stones including sapphires, rubies, and amethysts. Whether you want to sell diamonds that you no longer wear or just want to unload some of your jewelry for cash, TN Donnelly & Co. promises to offer you a discreet, professional transaction.

Estate Jewelry and Antique Pieces

We have many clients in Chicago and from surrounding areas who come to us to request certain antique jewelry pieces. When we meet with sellers, we are always looking for high demand items. We don’t offer you high prices for your jewelry because we have the money to spend. We offer you those prices because we know we have a buyer already lined up for your estate jewelry and what they’re willing to pay for the piece. We encourage you to schedule an appraisal appointment to see what your jewelry is worth.