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Find Out the Worth of Your Jewelry with a Custom Jewelry Appraisal In Chicago

Do you have vintage jewelry sitting around that you never wear? Have you recently inherited a large quantity of estate jewelry but aren’t interested in keeping all of the pieces. Are you just curious the maximum value of the jewelry you own? At TN Donnelly & Co. we specialize in jewelry appraisal for all types of vintage, antique, and diamond jewelry. We are the premier appraisers in the Chicago area and provide a discreet environment for all of our appraisals and purchases.

Jewelry Appraisals Before Selling Your Jewelry In Chicago

The most common reason for scheduling a jewelry appraisal is finding out how much your jewelry is worth before you decide to sell. Sometimes you aren’t sure if you’re ready to part with a certain piece or if the value will be worth selling the jewelry. Our appraisers will evaluate your jewelry and give you the best appraisal for the piece. You can even comparison shop appraisals, and we’re sure that you’ll find TN Donnelly & Co. offers you the best value for your jewelry.

Deciding to Sell Your Jewelry

If, after a jewelry appraisal, you decide to sell a few of your pieces, you can do so right then. We will never pressure you into selling, as we understand that parting with jewelry is a big decision. But when you do decide to sell, we offer private rooms and can cut you a check that day. You won’t wait around to receive your money. If you live in the Chicago area and need a professional appraiser, call to schedule an appointment today.