When it comes to jewelry, we stand Above All

Get Loans on Jewelry In Chicago IL

Guaranteed Lowest Rates!

For over 130 years we have been offering loans on jewelry in a private and confidential setting. Our interest rates and service charges come to a total of 5% a month, much lower than any other pawn shop or loan facilities in the city. All items over $100 are kept in the security of a safe deposit vault.

We know sometimes everybody needs a little help and that is what these loans are for. Short term loans when you need it most that won’t break the bank with outrageous fees. All loans can be held for up to 12 months without any payment at all. At that point you can pay the interest and service charge and renew the loan for another 1 year. You can pick up your loan at anytime and just pay the interest, service charge and principal accrued to that point.

Interest & Fees Compared To Other Pawn Shops

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Rates Reflect a Typical 30 Day Loan