When it comes to jewelry, we stand Above All

Why Us?


Opened in 1881 T. N. Donnelly & Co. is one of the oldest family owned jewelers in the midwest. Originally opened as a jewelry only pawnshop it has grown into one of the leading buyers and sellers of antique, period and vintage jewelry. We are always buying and are especially interested in signed period items of jewelry.

Opened by Thomas N. Donnelly in 1881, he ran the store along with several partners until the early 1900’s when he and his son Thomas E. Donnelly incorporated. After World War I the store that was originally at 34 N. Dearborn moved across the street to 35 North Dearborn and then took on the third generation of the family consisting of the brothers Christopher J. Donnelly and Robert E. Donnelly along with their cousins William Brooks and Thomas J. Brooks. In 1964 T. N. Donnelly & Co. moved off of street level to the 12th floor of jewelers building at 5 North Wabash. The owners of the 5 North Wabash building took it to residential condos in 2002 and T. N. Donnelly moved across the street to 29 East Madison on the 12th floor along many other jewelers forced to leave. Joseph Brooks, great, great grandson of the original T. N. Donnelly became the owner and president of T. N. Donnelly & Co after the retirement of his father and cousins Chris and Robert Donnelly. Joseph Brooks has been working in the jewelry business since 1972 and continues the proud tradition of treating clients as friends and family. Russell Carroll also joined the firm in 1980 and has become an invaluable part of the company as well.

T.N. Donnelly & Co. has a vast array of clients across the country always looking for that special piece. We know that market and have the ability to place pieces where they can be expected to bring the best prices allowing us to pay strong prices.We are always buying and are especially interested in signed period items of jewelry. The bigger the better.

We are also interested in high end watches. We are very strong buyers of Patek Philippe, Vacheron, Rolex and other high grade watches. We partner with the best watch dealer in the city. If you have any watches call for an appointment and we will make sure our watch expert is available.

We are able to purchase your fine jewelry that day with a check. We offer private booths and unwavering confidentiality. When it is time to sell we would be very interested in looking at anything you might have. Our goal is to please our clients no matter what it takes.

“If you’re selling unwanted jewelery and want to get the most for it, T.N. Donnelly is that place you can trust.”


“I had to sell an old ring I really loved. T.N. Donnelly made it easy and didn’t intimidate me. They were very professional and gave me time to make my decision.”